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11-10-2016 - Gepost door: Remarkable team

Desperately searching for the right brand name?

Before you know it, it’s your responsibility. Your design team has finished developing, fine-tuning and perfecting a truly innovative product, or perhaps an exciting new company. As Marketing Manager, the launch that will take it across Europe rests on your shoulders. The only problem? You’re full of uncertainties about the brand name. Is it suitable from a marketing angle? Is it linguistically accessible? Is it legally available in all markets? And if it’s not, how will you find an alternative brand name in the short amount of time still available to you?

A remarkable solution

There’s a single answer to all these questions: Remarkable. Brand providers for Europe, we work with you throughout your brand marketing journey. At each step from initial brand creation, through strategy and research and on to protection, we ensure your brand name meets requirements on a number of different levels:

  • Legal: Your brand name is available and claimable.
  • Linguistic: Powerful, easy to pronounce and memorable, your brand name is free from undesirable connotations in different languages.
  • Marketing: Your brand name sets your company or product apart from the competition. It reflects your values and helps in creating the image that defines who you are.

Most importantly, we have the experience and insight needed to find your brand name and have it ready for use in as little as a month.

In the spotlight

All these brand names still need to reflect the values of the company behind the product while still addressing the proposed end-client. An example of our successes? For GE, we identified a broad-ranging target group consisting of consumers, engineers and specialists. We deliberately concentrated on brand names that balanced the technical characteristics of their products with user-friendliness and accessibility.

Following this approach, we have delivered powerful, transparent product brand names for GE for more than 15 years. We have cleared away doubts, met their expectations and put smiles on their faces, as well as those of their clients. And while we are proud of our work, we have to admit, there is one question it leaves unanswered: how can we help you?

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