RaRaRa: it’s Daikin clustering

08-11-2018 - Gepost door: Remarkable team

Finding the right international product name is often not as easy as it seems. It should meet all marketing, linguistic and last but not least legal requirements. Too southern for the Scandinavians, too soft for the Germans, missing emotion for the Italians, etc. Instead of starting this process from scratch over and over again, Remarkable favours the use of clustering: repeatedly using a common element or working within the same theme (flowers, colours, cities,...).

With further internationalisation in mind, Daikin relied on Remarkable’s branding expertise more than once in the past. Daikin & Remarkable worked in close collaboration in both strategic & creative projects. In 2016, Daikin wanted to create a strong brand clustering of its air-to-air heat pumps. Important briefing criterion: in order to create a consistent brand structure, the names should preferably contain a family link.

Next to the existing Ururu Sarara & Daikin Emura, Remarkable first added Nexura as a floor standing unit, and continued this logic with Perfera, Comfora, Ritmera & Sensira. Building a strong series of international brand names with a common suffix ‘RA’: Residential Airconditioning.

You can check out the particular designs of Daikin’s air-to-air heat pumps here.

Marijke Vertongen, Daikin’s Senior Marketing Officer: “Target for Daikin was building a strong series of international brand names with a common suffix. With this specific branding challenge, we have taken our first steps in the right direction.” 

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