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15-11-2018 - Gepost door: Remarkable team

Trademarks come in a lot of different forms & functions.

9 tips to create a truly unique brand, based on 9 various trademark types:

  1. Family name – focus on founders: Ford, Michelin, Hilton.
  2. Fantasy name – arbitrary or fanciful designations: Häagen-Dazs.
  3. Concept shift – brand signs linked to unexpected goods or services: Apple for computers.
  4. Slogans – a short catchphrase capturing the brand’s essence: ‘Just do it’ by Nike.
  5. Symbols – an iconic image drawing all the attention: the Lacoste crocodile.
  6. Letters – the power of abbreviations: IBM, VW, KLM.
  7. Numbers – overcoming language barriers: the 4711 cologne.
  8. Shape – differentiating in a 3-dimensional way: Toblerone’s triangular shape.
  9. Sound – in tune with the brand: the MGM lion roaring.


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