Blk. is black water

24-06-2015 - Gepost door: Remarkable team

A new product has joined the exploding ranks of ‘enhanced waters’. Made by an American company, its main selling point may be somewhat surprising: it’s black.

Aptly named Blk., the new drink contains fulvic minerals which, when added to pure water, produce the colour black. It may sound unhealthy, but it’s all derived from plant matter. Packed with electrolytes and a high pH, it supposedly hydrates and helps ‘balance’ the body.

Once the initial surprise has worn off though, you have to wonder whether consumers will keep paying lots of money for simple water with some pseudo-science surrounding it? Or is anyone really attracted to ‘Alkaline Fulvic Trace Mineral Infused Water’, as the bottle promotes it?

Great branding and marketing, but the gimmick will soon wear off. The Coca-Cola product is black too, remember? And the concept doesn’t have a lot of stretch, unless they want to start making everything black.

For those who wonder: it tastes like… water.

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