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02-02-2017 - Gepost door: Remarkable team

A few weeks ago football club Juventus as presented its new logo.

Next season, the iconic oval logo with the black & whites stripes will be replaced by a minimalist logo, focusing on Juventus’ ‘J’.

Juventus had used its existing logo since 2004. Almost all of the club's previous logos, dating back to 1905, had featured an oval crest enclosing black stripes and an animal rearing up on its hind legs: a bull since 1990, before that it was a zebra.

The redesign of the Juventus logo marks a clear break with the past and ‘is intended to help the brand grow in presence as the club explores new business initiatives less directly related to football.’

However, should a football club be considered as a brand? For the fans of ‘la Vecchia Signora’ (‘the Old Lady’) the club’s emblem represents a tradition, a way of life, in some cases almost a religion. In other words: way more than just a brand.

In 2008, there was a similar redesign of the Ajax logo. Fans labelled the make-over as ‘an extreme failure’ and underlined ‘the lack of sense of pride and heritage’.

Anyway, in a world where football clubs could start winning more matches thanks to a redesign of their logo, there’s maybe still hope for Standard de Liège to reach our competition’s play-offs.

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