The Samsonite Company is world-famous for making luggage ranging from large suitcases to small toiletry bags. It was started in Colorado in 1910 by Jess Swayder who named one of his initial cases ‘Samson’, after the biblical figure. In 1966, the company changed its name to Samsonite.

Bagel mysticism

Almost a century later, Samsonite decided to utilize Remarkable Europe’s graphic skills to clarify the ‘mysticism’ behind the existing Samsonite emblem. More specifically, Samsonite was keen on finding out how to give more sense to its ‘bagel’ emblem. We created an interesting range of ‘bagel’ variants - that unfortunately we cannot show for obvious reasons - and provided advice on the future use of the emblem. An option was to fit the ‘bagel’ emblem into the type name, resulting in an even more efficient typographic logo.

Worldwide change

After an extensive round of consulting, Samsonite gathered all of the creative ideas discussed to be used as future graphic guidelines. This intervention was carried out for worldwide applications.


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