Corporate Identity

Credibility is something you have to earn by saying what you do and doing what you say, framed by consistent identity and communication.

Some examples

Fresh from the field In 2011, the companies PinguinLutosa* and Scana Noliko join forces to become a new food group, active in fresh products, frozen and non-frozen; mainly vegetables and…

Partners in performance Low & Bonar PLC is an international group, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of products to the Performance Materials industry. This is a global business, supplying…

AG: There are still certainties. Fortis Insurance Belgium contacted Remarkable Europe to shape a new branding strategy for its insurance activities. AG Insurance builds bridges between the past and future.…

Top-level .eu EURid is an organisation appointed by the European Commission to operate the .eu top-level domain. In 2008 they were concerned about the consequences of the absence of a…

The strength, size and look of a tree are determined by visible and invisible elements, based on harmony between the roots, trunk, branches and canopy. Similarly, each company needs a stable Corporate Identity.

Your Corporate Identity is supported by a consistent and recognisable communication style, providing a strong, unambiguous image and the right perception with the target group.

Everything starts with the correct implementation of your logo in communications. A Brandography records the surrounding image language. Additionally, a House style manual can ensure that your logo is always presented correctly, and that both the graphic, colours, proportions and fonts are respected in all communications.

Furthermore, a baseline helps support your Corporate Brand and differentiate your company in the market. Some baselines are a purely functional description of your company activities. A creative or emotional approach offers a different angle for hitting the right note, continually motivating your target group.

The development of your Corporate Identity progresses in accordance with six well-considered steps, ranging from thorough analysis and expert interviews with the key stakeholders through implementation of the Brand Identity in all communication materials.

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