Brand Strategy

A clear brand strategy provides structure and clarity, both towards the employees and the market, potential investors and buyers.

Some examples

Colruyt > Collishop > Cookozi More and more people are inspired by a relatively new tradition of TV chefs to turn their own kitchen into a 5-star culinary playground. That’s…

Bostik. Stronger Bonds, Better Life Bostik develops, produces and sells a wide range of high-quality adhesives and sealants for professionals across the world. The distinctive feature of Total’s subsidiary, Bostik,…

From soya to plant   A clear brand strategy provides structure and clarity, both towards the employees and the market, potential investors and buyers. For several years already, Alpro relies…

Efficient contactors In 2008, GE Power Controls Belgium decided to rename its Global Contactor. In this very technical project Remarkable had to become familiar with the interesting world of electronics.…

Only healthy, balanced and well-developed trees take the limelight in the forest.
The right Brand Strategy can lend your company such visibility, recognisability and identity.

Although each assignment is necessarily based on specific and tailored work, we can structure Brand Strategy projects based on the most prevalent underlying needs.

Name Change

A name change is an incisive measure that can be necessary for various strategic considerations:

  • Internationalisation of the company – relevant example: Escolys
  • Mergers and take-overs – relevant example: Cytec
  • Rationalisation – relevant examples: Bonar, HUB
  • Deviation between the brand and the content – relevant example: Smartphoto
  • Technical problems of a legal or linguistic nature – relevant example: Xandres
  • Crisis – relevant example: Belfius


Corporate Brand Strategy is also about the optimal position of your company in the market. This can offer a solution when you are looking to position a new brand or reposition an existing brand.

Relevant cases: Bostik, Alpro and Daikin.

Branding Architecture

A clear vision on your brand structure is crucial to clear communication. If you cannot see the forest for the trees, imagine how rudderless your target group must feel. Sometimes rationalisation of your brand portfolio is the right therapy, a pruning job to ensure better and healthier growth.

Relevant cases: DesleeClama, bpost, Betafence and Barco.

Market Research

During the process of brand creation and branding / rebranding, it may be interesting to actively involve your target group in your eventual strategic choices.

Relevant case: CD&V.

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