Brand Protection

Over the past 25 years, Remarkable has built extensive experience in advice and registration of trademarks and designs for a large number of clients in diverse sectors and regions.

Some examples

bpost is Belgium’s leading postal operator and universal service provider: it offers addressed and unaddressed mail services, high-quality business and administrative communication solutions.   Remarkable is in charge of bpost’s…

Remarkable is in charge of Roularta Media Group’s brand protection. Roularta Media Group chose Remarkable as its partner in intellectual property matters, giving adequate advice and providing excellent tools to…

For the umbrella organization of Ghent University, Remarkable deals with all brand & model related projects, offering tailor-made advice and starting up negotiations with third parties. Uniting over 41.000 students…

Network operators Eandis and Infrax join forces and from now on come to you as Fluvius. They offer network solutions for electricity, natural gas, heating and public lighting. Remarkable deals with all brand…

Protect your brand by registering it.

Registering your brand means protecting your day-to-day efforts, and in doing so, you can connect your company name and logo to all your communication: such as e-mails, website, flyers, advertisements and so on.

Protect your company from competitors who want to take advantage of the good reputation of your company's name.

Remarkable helps determining which area of protection is best for your company. Do you prefer protection in the Benelux, in Europe, all around the world or protection in specific countries? We guide you in these decisions.

Which brands are suitable for registration?

All unambiguous brand signs of your company and activity are suitable for registration. All signs and expressions that distinguish your company from others can be registered:

  • Your working name: the name of a product or the name of your company
  • Your logo: the image you use, and the brand values you expose
  • Your slogan: the original slogan that is used to convince and keep customers
  • A certain shape representing your company’s qualities
  • A color combination, a noise…

How do you start?

Remarkable assists you in the preparation and optimization of the protection of your brands. We take you through the whole process and give special attention to:

  • Availability research
  • Choice of classes
  • Description of classes
  • Follow up, from the opposition proceedings till the registration
  • Follow up, till the expiry date, 10years after the request

Remarkable becomes your partner!

For the last 25years, Remarkable has created and enhanced strong brands, and takes care of the protection of the brand.

Remarkable can assist you in all trademark law-related issues regarding registering 1 or several brands or models. Or we can evaluate your complete portfolio making recommendations on the best possible strategy for optimal protection, tailored to your profile.

Further questions about which approach suits you best?

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