Brand Naming

The right company name lends you support, power and credibility, anchoring your company in the present and creating growth opportunities into the future.

Some examples

A luminous idea GE Industrial Belgium asked Remarkable to create a new and claimable name for a lighting product that ensures the correct supply of voltage for lighting installations at…

Smart Print + Doc solutions The printing companies Druco and Mitto are two well-known suppliers of digital printing, offset printing, mailing and document management. Druco was created as Colruyt’s internal…

Connoisseur’s beer, made with their very own hops In 2013, PALM Breweries introduced a beer with hops from their very own hop garden. Remarkable developed a brand name for this…

Fibre Cement Façade Materials Etex Group was looking for a strong worldwide brand name for its most prestigious product range: architectural fibre cement panels. The specific differentiation of the design…

The ideal Brand Name, just like a seed, will contain all the genetic information required to grow your company into a strong, healthy and balanced tree.

When creating a Brand Name, we use the core values of your company as a starting point based on the market that you are targeting and your vision of the future. What does your company represent? What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to be tomorrow?

The answer to these questions is translated into a suitable Brand Name that clearly communicates your message, Core Values and Core Words, stresses your promises and highlights the unique personality of your company. Within the applicable linguistic and legal frameworks, of course.

Upon acceptance of your order, Remarkable leverages a number of powerful tools. Some were developed in-house, others are existing tools that we refined internally. In order to create your new name, we can apply 4 methods: the BrandClassic, the BrandStorm, the BrandCheck or BrandQuest.

  • The BrandClassic is largely an internal process, minimising the effort required from you, the cus- tomer. The created names are screened on different levels: marketing, linguistic-cultural and legal. They are (phonetically) identically available in the most relevant categories and regions.
  • For a BrandStorm, we collaborate with your own creative task force. During an inspiring brainstorming session, we start creating hundreds of brand names in order to finally select the strongest possible shortlist.
  • For a BrandCheck, we assess the names that you provide us with. Primarily a check with regard to trademark law, but also for marketing and linguistic-cultural issues if required.
  • BrandQuest is an additional technique that allows advertisers to involve their customers directly in the name creation process. For example in order to promote their sales or to further reinforce the relationship with their brand.

Further questions about which approach suits you best?

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