About us

Remarkable has created and enhanced strong brands since 1989. Based on original names, fresh, discerning logos, stimulating packaging and a consistent corporate identity. Building up and supporting the correct brand strategy ensures a strong focus.


Based on his passion for brand architecture, both in practical and theoretical terms, Mr. Thierry Cattoir founded Remarkable in 1989. Meanwhile, Remarkable has developed into a branding agency of European proportions. As a pioneer in brand creation and strategy, he single-handedly put the profession of Branding Architect on the marketing map. Much of this experience filtered down into the book ‘Het KernMerk’ (‘The Core Brand’) in 2004. In early 2013, he accepted the position of Chairman at STIMA (Marketing Foundation) with a passionate commitment to the association’s further growth.


Remarkable develops strong brands with unique logos, specifying the content and form of your Corporate Identity. Additionally, we provide advice and solutions regarding format, protection and structure of your brand portfolio.


If you want to conquer the world with a new product or company, you will need an inspiring name. Remarkable leverages all its knowledge and resources in order to turn the first step into a big leap, based on creative processes, individual advice and a clever brand strategy.

Agility & experience

25 years of experience in the profession plus a driven team of linguistic and graphic experts equals certainty - the certainty of your brand being in the safest hands with us. Our references are self-evident in this respect.


With offices in Ghent and Paris, Remarkable is perfectly placed for a broad perspective on everything that is going in within the European and international context of companies, brands, markets and cultures.

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