Patamilka: the chocolate challenger!

The American Mondelēz group launches its chocolate spread Patamilka to gain market share in France. In addition, the famous Milka marmot is given a second life! The almighty Nutella will…

08-02-2019 - News

After Brexit also exit for Tony?

On top of all the Brexit discussions, a group of UK members of parliament are voting ‘leave’ once more: popular fictional characters like Tony the Tiger should no longer be…

31-01-2019 - News

Small setback for Big Mac?

It was David against Goliath, in the fast food world. On 11 January 2019, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) ruled in favour of Supermac. In March 2017, this…

24-01-2019 - News

Bonnets oranges

Après les 'gilets jaunes', aujourd'hui les 'bonnets oranges' aux Champs-Élysées à Paris.

18-01-2019 - News

McDonald’s fries & football

The Green Bay Packers are the most successful American football team of the National Football League (NFL). Thanks to a sponsorship deal with McDonald’s, the Packers fans were given an…

17-01-2019 - News

Trademark shuffling

Aikon as a trademark for mobile phones, would that be allowed? Not according to the Finnish company Nokia: they considered ‘Aikon’ as a copycat competitor, writing ‘Nokia’ back to front.…

10-01-2019 - News

The Madagascar Mission

VZW H.E.L.P. is a Belgian non-profit organisation focussing on reconstructive surgery and dentistry in developing counties, mainly for children and young adults. For years now, our office manager Nicole Grillet…

20-12-2018 - News

Remarkable Yellow

The ‘gilets jaunes’ movement emerged out of anger over rising fuel prices in France and later snowballed to become a wider protest against social inequalities. Some French citizens even grab…

14-12-2018 - News